Hi and welcome to Simple Natural Mama! I’m Aileen and I’m a wife, mother, blogger and serial entrepreneur. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and my blogs have evolved several times. Simple Natural Mama is where I share about living a mindful lifestyle. One that is more simple, natural, frugal.

Simple, natural and frugal living were not mindsets I grew up with! Over the last decade these are things I’ve picked up to move me towards a life filled with happiness and only the things I enjoy the most.

Frugality started when I was an 18 year old with credit card debt. It actually started with couponing! I was couponing for my family (parents, sister, boyfriend) to help cure my addiction to shopping without spending a lot of money. Once I became a vegetarian the couponing came to a halt as I worked toward more conscious, natural choices.

Then came the simplifying. I’ve been decluttering for years and while I’m still not done (is anyone ever done?) I’m in a much happier space without a lot of stuff around me. It’s something I really love to share and help others with through this blog.